I’m Attending the Modern Calligraphy Summit!

After I missed the last registration, I finally decided to sign up for the Modern Calligraphy Summit! I couldn’t be more excited to learn from some of the calligraphers I’ve been admiring since I got involved with this whole thing.

If you don’t know what the summit is, it’s basically a two week online training camp for calligraphers of all levels. I’ve already met (virtually) so many people involved, from complete beginners to advanced, amazing calligraphers (though let’s be real – you’re all amazing!)

The Modern Calligraphy Summit starts February 22nd and runs through March 5th, with plenty of videos, Q&A sessions, and practice sheets to go along with it. There will be nine super talented calligraphers, showing us everything from beginning calligraphy to brush lettering and flourishes. I’ll admit, I’m mostly excited for the brush lettering because I haven’t had a good chance to really practice that.

I’m so ready to learn from some of the professionals and build on the skills and knowledge I already have. If you’re even the least bit interested in calligraphy, go check it out! Enrollment officially ends tomorrow, February 12th.