Calligraphy Workshop Recap | East Aurora, NY

I taught my first calligraphy workshop back in May, at the beautiful Roycroft Inn, located in East Aurora, NY. We were able to set up on the peristyle and enjoy the perfect weather while eight lovely ladies learned calligraphy!

img_0208One of the highlights of the day was teaching the THREE left-handed calligraphers I had. They were all amazing! Some lefties think that calligraphy would be impossible for them, but I’m here to tell you: I saw with my own eyes that lefties can pick up calligraphy just as quick as a rightie. It was interesting to see the different techniques in action (since I’m not left-handed), while also watching each and every student learn at their own pace.

By the end of the class, most of the students were connecting letterforms and some were even writing out their own quotes and sentences. In just two hours, eight students were able to learn the beautiful art of modern calligraphy. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did!

I will be teaching a few more calligraphy workshops at MUSEjar, also located in East Aurora. You can get more information on how to register here. Hope to see you there!